Sunday, November 8, 2009

My first try in pencil sketch!

This is my first try in pencil sketch.. Though done by literally copying from a pencil sketch which was in ET paper, it gave me great confidence in trying a portrait in coming days... It was done on the day when we got a day off due to Late.Mr.YSR(C.M Andrapradesh) passing away.. And so tried the portrait of the late C.M.. come on that holiday was coz of him right? (with all due respct to him ) One of such kind a holiday spent very usefully(a very rare event), apart from doing other useful things like watching TV, Chatting, etc.. lol:)


  1. Nice drawing good effort keep up your talent. i think this your father.

    i am prem working in software ok bye and take care

  2. Thanks Prem.. But that's not my dad.. as i have mentioned.. its the portrait of Late C.M of andhraradesh (India)

  3. hello ma very gud portrait :)
    keep it up :)
    ur very gud in arts :)