Friday, November 13, 2009

Making Nail Art Easy.....

Hi all.. last week i was just surfing on Internet, to spend my precious time.. But suddenly there came a gallery of nail arts.. my conscious pricked me.. and i was in the urge of doing one in my nails too.. I took my nail polishes(there was a whole lot of unused ones), my thin paint brush, fabric paint and nail enamel(the clear one). And then was thinking about, how am i gonna do my (so called) art, brighter, or at least give an outline.. was thinking really hard for sometime(as i didn't have a black or darker shade of nail enamel).. Then a bright idea struck me, went to my dressing table picked up my bright idea, and started with my NAIL ART..
Ya.. It was my Black eyeliner which i used to draw the outline.. it was really easy to handle.. Try it and i bet, you only never rely on any other thing to do your outlines..
Now coming to the easy steps to make your own nail art(wish you all do better than me, i did this with the very urge, as if that was my last day on earth).. Gather all you necessary items.. have an idea of the design you are planning to draw.. start with the background colour you wish.. you may even start without any base colour.. your natural nail colour would be great with dark colours.. Then with a thin paint brush apply the design,with fabric paints or nail enamel, on one of your nail(need not be too much of details), so that if you aren't satisfied with the design you can very well change it.. Then do the details with black eyeliner .. you may even stick small stones or pearls to decorate it.. after few mins apply a coat of the clear nail enamel(maybe 2 coats if you need it..) And there's your nail dazzlingly ready to the party.. Come on Rock it, your way.. Happy sharing :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What a day!

What a day was it? Today i wouldn't say it was a very great day but it was good due to some small & cute things.. what do i start with? right from the fact that i wasn't waiting for the green light in any signal today morning, and had super fun in class, the class got over soon(though not the fun), had a nice nap, tried the "pav masala" after a long craving for it(and had to skip my dinner as it was toooo heavy).. and ya how could i forget that i saw the "sun"(the real hot sun) after a long time( maybe a week was a little long), the pity(mighty) fellow, who had been cursed so long for doing his duty, very sincerely, was on a leave for some time.. but only after his proxy(the rain) came in on his absence, we started loving him.. Today after a long leave, i was able to see him.. feel him.. and that made me tell "what a day was it?".. though not a great day, it was a simple pleasent day:)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My first try in pencil sketch!

This is my first try in pencil sketch.. Though done by literally copying from a pencil sketch which was in ET paper, it gave me great confidence in trying a portrait in coming days... It was done on the day when we got a day off due to Late.Mr.YSR(C.M Andrapradesh) passing away.. And so tried the portrait of the late C.M.. come on that holiday was coz of him right? (with all due respct to him ) One of such kind a holiday spent very usefully(a very rare event), apart from doing other useful things like watching TV, Chatting, etc.. lol:)