Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Hobby!!!!

Hi all!! Hope you are all doing great!! I jus wanna get out of my normal template of being back and saying sorry(as if there are a lot of readers waiting for my post ;) ;) ). So hope everyone are fine with their blessings.

With blessings always comes the curses, for we see, only the small dot in the big sheet. One of the new dot in my beautiful sheet of life is, my work (refer to my earlier post to know how much I love my work;) ). Now, I complain that I don't have time.. So when people ask me what are you going to do with time.. I think a lot... I thought deeply and found out I had a HOBBY!!

Yes!!! I had a hobby.. Which once gave me relaxation, recognition, realization of dreams and even a revenue. Which is not there with me anymore, I found out!! What a way of showing my respect, for one which gave me so much once??? It was with me when I was busy thinking I 'll get back to it once I get some time.. But what I thought is, where is it gonna go, as its jus mine, let me take some rest. For I was the one who took it's company to relax, now I had thought that it'll give me more work than enjoyment. And that was the grave mistake I have ever done, the minute it came to know that I didn't enjoy it's company anymore, it has gone away from me. It has jus moved away from me, silently, with a hurt, And I was there staying still, without even noticing that it has gone away from me.

It took me this long to even realize that I don't have it with me. To realize that it had moved away from me. To realize that I didn't even care to miss it. How bad I'm?????

Earlier when It was with me, I used to see only the mistakes I have done in my paintings or sketches, but now I'm amazed to see my paintings or sketches. Then I found, that, if i stay any longer then I'll even forget that I had a Hobby once!!!

I tried to resume back with a occasional hellos to my Hobby!! It didn't smile back as before, but it didn't turn its back to me.. So jus trying to convince it a little more and pull it back to me. With great hope that it will smile at me again :)

Wish everyone find your lost hobby and get it back, before it moves very far away from you!!!
All the very best to you all!!!

Happy Sharing!!! Happy Hobby time!!! See you all soon with my hobby back!!!
Till then Stay happy.. Stay healthy :) :) :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Smile - I met!

Hi! Back again after so many days...Now this is become more like a template i start in all my post.. But this time I was pushed to write, you know why?? Yes you guessed it right, my exams are fast approaching, this time with office, no classes, but jus exams, with all my preparations, jus MY preparations.Need no to tell, its my first exam after I joined work, and everything else except studying seems to be interesting now..

Even then, I dont find my work alone interesting, I have never been such a moaner, but this job had made me telling everyone I see, how I hate this job.Whoever asks me, how is your job, will surely regret to have asked this question at the end. I wanna tell this to everyone coz, I had the fear, that someday, sometime, I may like this job, or even get used to it. So at that time, there should be someone to ask, are you still sticking to that boring job of yours? Isn't that a great idea?

But once, a scene which my eyes saw jus for a moment, made me think, what a groaner am I ? I jus couldn't forget that. I was traveling in a bus once, again unhappy for all those good things, was not even happy for a window seat. Suddenly when the bus slowed down due to traffic(of course I was moaning for that traffic too), I saw a public toilet, you all might be thinking why should I see that? but you know the traffic and my luck, it jus stopped nearby, I had no other option to see out of the window. Now what amazed me seeing a public toilet is what you are thinking about right? wait... There was a room very next to the toilet entrance, where lived a family, guess it's the family of the person incharge. The women of the house was doing preparation for cooking,I was amazed to see a family living there, and thought the person would be so sad to even be there, but all I saw here was, her face with a SMILE. That smile was like a tight slap on my face, how blessed am I? compared to them? But how much do I smile?

I see all the thorns in the road of roses, and she had seen jus the roses, in her road of thorns. When people like that came smile in that smell? why should I complain about my blessings? I couldn't answer my own questions, days passed on, the resolution I took on that moment, not to complain again passed on like any other new year resolution(you know how boring my work is???? lol ), but the smile on her face, which stayed in my mind would never go.
Jobs you are in, may not give you happiness, you had to create it,
Jobs you are in, may never give you time, but you had to manage it,
Jobs you are in, may never give you satisfaction, but had to find it,
Jobs you are in, may never give you respect, but you had to gain it,
Is all that, I learned from that little smile.

Hope there is such a smile in everyone's life, jus to bring you back to the reality, jus to find how lucky are you. Just to know, how much grumbling we are?

Have a great time. Happy Sharing! And I'm back to study ( oh!! how boring is this book??? ooppsss.. no more complaining ;) lol )

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Choco lava cake - Sinfully delicious :) :) :)

Hi everyone!! Happy New year to everyone!!! As I said I'm back.. Back with a bang should be true.. As the post is on Choco lava cake........... OMG!! I jus couldn't stop myself think of it... The very word makes me crave for it..
I must say I'm not even a good beginner in baking.. But this recipe is an absolute fool proof..

Now I have a story for this too.. OK.. I know what you think.. Not that big, just a small flash back. My brother and I are the only choco lovers at home. Rather he was the one who loved it first, and made me follow him. We(he) would love to try all choco cakes, and in that way we tried the choco lava once with our pizza from dominoes, yummmmmmmmm... is jus not enough to describe it. And for those who love chocolate and cakes, it's the ultimate dish you would ever dream of, as it's the combination of both.
I'm kind of cook who would love to try something new, and will always want to get an appreciation, maybe all are like that. But, many a times my bro, won't even try what i make, even if he did, I have never pleased him. So, the minute I had the Choco lava cake, I thought I should give this a try, And then I thought to myself, "You don't bake a normal, chocolate cake properly, and now you want to try this????" The voice was true. When a normal sponge cake don't come good, how could I ever try an Extraordinary dish??? But I jus searched online for the recipe (How much courage should I have to do that?)
And then I found out this recipe from It was a quite simple dish to my surprise. And then immediately started preparing(now this is not true, started getting the things ready) Since I was a beginner(even less than that) had no molds or trays to bake the cake, so, started getting them.
So now that's the end of the flash back. Will tell you how to make this simple to make and great to taste cake :)

Here's what you got to get to make this:
  • 113 gms(4oz) - cooking chocolate
  • 113 gms (4oz) - Butter
  • 2 - Eggs
  • 1/3 cup - Sugar (5tbsp+1tsp)
  • 1/4 cup - Maida/All purpose flour/plain flour ( 4 tbsp)
And a small cup cake mold or any small mold to make a cake(in the metal to be kept in oven)

Here's how you make it:
  1. Melting the chocolate is the first step, you can do it, either in the oven or in a double boiler. The double boiler is always easier, as the oven may cook it more if you don't have an eye on it.
  2. When the chocolate is melted, take it out from the heat, add the butter to it and the hot chocolate will melt the butter, mix them together.
  3. When the chocolate and butter are mixed, add the sugar mix it and then the maida.
  4. Now the last one, egg, its a tricky part they say, as the heat may cook the eggs and you may get scrambled eggs, but adding it at the last reduces the risk and heating it in the double boiler reduces this risk too..
  5. Mix the eggs to the batter ( I can't call it a batter, as it tastes amazing even at this stage ;), but don't taste it more leaving nothing to bake), and that's it the batter to make the cake is ready.
  6. Grease the mold with butter and maida. And pour the batter in the molds. Not fully as you all know, jus to 3/4th of the cup would do, or even lesser.
  7. Preheat the oven at 180 degree celsius.
  8. Bake this for a time of about 5 mins. This can't be accurate, it depends on your way of having the delicacy and also the depth of the cup, if you what the chocolate to ooze a lot you could take it out once the other part looks cooked. This time can be found out through practice. Don worry it won't go waste at any cost.
Now the most expected delicacy CHOCO LAVA CAKE is ready to eat either with a scoop of vanilla icecream or just like that :) :)
The post may look a bit long, but not the process, do try it out and tell me about your experience.

  • The tbsp measures near the cups are given to those who want to convert or half the measure. I did the same the first time. Had a great time converting, so here its for you all without that effort.
  • The chocolates and butter here in India are sold mostly in grams than in ounces so have converted them too. (113 grams is jus a little more than 100 grams, you don't need to be sooo perfect at times)
  • And the picture above was taken in a hurry( you will know why, when you make it, you jus can't resist it) you could note the lava, its less in this, coz it's cooked a little more, i like it this way.
Hope you enjoyed the recipe, and will enjoy making them too.. sharing !!! See you all in the next post soon.

I am sending this to Cooking Concepts - Chocolate hosted by Srav and Chocolate - Mela hosted by Srivalli.