Thursday, November 12, 2009

What a day!

What a day was it? Today i wouldn't say it was a very great day but it was good due to some small & cute things.. what do i start with? right from the fact that i wasn't waiting for the green light in any signal today morning, and had super fun in class, the class got over soon(though not the fun), had a nice nap, tried the "pav masala" after a long craving for it(and had to skip my dinner as it was toooo heavy).. and ya how could i forget that i saw the "sun"(the real hot sun) after a long time( maybe a week was a little long), the pity(mighty) fellow, who had been cursed so long for doing his duty, very sincerely, was on a leave for some time.. but only after his proxy(the rain) came in on his absence, we started loving him.. Today after a long leave, i was able to see him.. feel him.. and that made me tell "what a day was it?".. though not a great day, it was a simple pleasent day:)

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