Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Choco Banana Shake

Hi.. I do rarely experiment with food, and at times it do turn out well.. such a successful experiment was this shake.. So just wanna share this with you all..... Wanna try this?
Here's the recipe.. You would need:
* Banana
* Chocolate syrup
* Vannila Icecream
* Sugar
* Milk
And that's it.. just add all to a blender according to your taste, and enjoy it.. Didn't have any specific measurements.. I just added 1 Big banana, 3 tsp of chocolate syrup, and little vannila icecream and sugar as per your taste.. And at the end add some boiled and cooled milk to adjust the consistency..
And Enjoy your drink.. As the caption goes "serve cool for best results"...
Though rich in calories, its rich in minerals too as we add Bananas and milk, that's an additional health tip to you all.. Have fun and stay healty.. See you all soon.. Take care..


  1. hey thats really nice... the shake looks good too...:))) you never gave:((( very bad of u... hope next time u do something like this call me wil turn up the next moment...:)
    multiple talents u have... really great... a great gift of god... keep up...

  2. banana is high on calories vidi... so recommended for ppl who wanna put on weight!!!

  3. Thanks a lot gayu.. surely will call you the next time.. and shiva banana has many good minerals in it too.. so having it at times is good for health

  4. I make good milkshakes too:) love milkshakes:)