Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Choco Banana Shake

Hi.. I do rarely experiment with food, and at times it do turn out well.. such a successful experiment was this shake.. So just wanna share this with you all..... Wanna try this?
Here's the recipe.. You would need:
* Banana
* Chocolate syrup
* Vannila Icecream
* Sugar
* Milk
And that's it.. just add all to a blender according to your taste, and enjoy it.. Didn't have any specific measurements.. I just added 1 Big banana, 3 tsp of chocolate syrup, and little vannila icecream and sugar as per your taste.. And at the end add some boiled and cooled milk to adjust the consistency..
And Enjoy your drink.. As the caption goes "serve cool for best results"...
Though rich in calories, its rich in minerals too as we add Bananas and milk, that's an additional health tip to you all.. Have fun and stay healty.. See you all soon.. Take care..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Soap Flowers

Hi all.. Here's my first post for you all.. Now I'm gonna share with you all, about how to do flowers with soaps.. Here goes the things you will need to do the soap flowers;

*Finely grated soap

*Cornflour or Maida(all purpose flour)

*Paints or food colours

*Thin flexible wire

*Green floral tape

*Some brushes & PVA glue

Now lets start to prepare the basic dough with which we are gonna do the flowers..

Take some amount of finely grated soap(anyone, but let it be dry) and take the equal amount (or 2:1 ratio depending on the moist of the soap) of flour, and mix them both with little PVA glue till you get a non sticky dough.. If your grated soap is little wet due to the texture reduce the amount of glue and adjust with the grated soap and flour.. add the glue stage by stage to get the required result.. Remember the dough should be non sticky to your hands.. Now that's the dough which can be used to do several things.. one such thing is these flowers.. (You could add the food colours or paints to the dough now or paint that later when the final product dries up..)

The next step is to take a thin flexible wire and cover or wind it with the green floral tape. Take a small ball from the dough and make it tear shaped, and press gently to form the petal.

Take the petal and wrap it around the wire.. continue the process and place the petals around the center.. make it into a desired flower or rose shaped flower and do the calyx too.. allow it to dry, when satisfied..

When completely dried, paint it in the desired colours (this step can be avoided if the colour is mixed with the dough) and give another layer of green tape for the stem.. And there is your hand made soap flower.. continue to do more and arrange them in your flower vase or any way as you wish..

Have fun making these flowers.. catch you all soon.. bye.. have a good day ahead..

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi all! Welcome to my very first Blog.. I'm Vidya and i'm here to share what little i know and learn what all you know.. "Sharing is the joint use of resource or space", "sharing can actually mean giving something as an outright gift", these are some of the phrases that Wikipedia tells about sharing.. i'm no great, I too accept the phrases and that's what i'm here to do.. Hope you all enjoy this.. Come on lets Share the fun, share the knowledge and SHARE THE TREASURE in us!..