Thursday, September 9, 2010

It is a HOLY day....


The very word describes many things about our country to the world.. The culture, the togetherness, the multi-cultural existence, etc, etc.. The land where people speaking more than hundred types of languages and following more than hundred religions live together..

Now I understand you checking the calendar, No.. It is not a republic day nor an independence day special post.. It's just to recall everyone our preamble, our constitution, our promise to have the country, the way our great freedom fighters gave us..

'WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:
JUSTICE, social, economic and political.
LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship.
EQUALITY of status and opportunity, and to promote among all;
FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity of the Nation"

This is what we all as Indians promised, are promising, or at least supposed to know we ought to promise.

But are we sticking to our promises? Or at least remembering we have a promise?
These are the promises which were made to keep us united, to keep us belong to the same country, to the same home.

Secularism is one of the important of all.. Without which all the religions would have never got its importance as now and would have never allowed to be united. This was done with simple principles. For example: giving holidays for all the major festivals in each religion. It is not jus to give the followers of that religion, a chance of celebrating with their family, if that was the only aim, then the holiday could have been restricted to only those who follow that religion, but it was for all of us. Because the law wants to treat us all the same, and it provides the Muslim a chance to crack a firework on diwali, the Hindu to celebrate the joy of Jesus Christ's birth, a Christian to know the importance of Quran and the need of fasting and to enjoy the feast on Ramzan.
These are the simple way of keeping our country a secular one. The joy of one is shared with others to double it. Know the importance of all the religions, after all different religions are like different mirrors for seeing god the different way.

But does everyone follow this? If my organization is much of Hindus, I would provide holidays only for those festivals and not for others? Or vice-versa.. This is what is done mostly nowadays. Don't these mean selfishness? Then what is the point of CSR and corporate governance practices following in the organization? When you are shaking the roots of the Indian constitution?

Just because they are of a minority group we can't grab their rights.. Will everyone be ok if a "minor" part of your salary is been grabbed from you?
It is the same thing.. When the employees think that the management is treating them differently, the morale of the employees is gone, If you are bothered just about the production, then yes your production is also lost...
The effect is more in the case of schools and educational institutions, it is there people wants uniformity because the future of the country is shaped there. If the young minds come to know that they are not treated equally just because they are the minority, jus think what have you done to the future of the country?
Not jus the uniform clothes make them feel united, but treating them together makes them uniform.
This is just not a day of holiday but a HOLYday.............
Respect others.. Respect the views of others..
Stay united, Share the treasure you have.. Not just the joy but the shared treasure may double itself too..... :) :) :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

PLASTIC bottles??? Or TOXIC bottles???

Hi all.. Back Again after a looonnnggg time.. To be frank I think I could think about my poor blog only during study holidays or when exams are round the corner, I tried to write a post but there was many things which distracted me from doing so.. And THE main culprit was Facebook.. God!!!! Time jus flies when i login to FB.. But At last I have some how stolen my attention to write a post and save my starving Blog :)

Here it goes.... but this time.. a serious post... after a LONG research [thanks to all those research methodology classes, and my mam would be more than happy to know I have used it for my Blog ;) ]... And I would like to repeat, this post is made after referring to several sites and the information depends on those sites alone..
There are many types of plastic bottles available to us now, right from the soft drinks to the medicines come in plastic bottles, many of us would not be aware that all the bottles cannot be reused. Each plastic bottles are produced for certain specific purpose and it can serve only that.
For example, The pet bottles, almost everyone's pet, are made for single time use, and thus is used usually for soft drinks, mineral water, etc., but we use it as our water bottles, but fortunately it is considered to be safe, though non proper cleaning may cause bacterial contamination. But this doesn't mean that the leaching of toxic is nil, but its minimal.
There are many other types of plastic bottles ranging from no.1 to 7. And each of which have different properties and usage. Now I understand you all wondering how do I check the number or detail about the bottle, its actually simple, every plastic bottle has a triangular symbol with a number inside it, which would be there under the bottle( mostly PET bottles don't have it coz we know its pet i believe, but I couldn't find in any of the pet bottles as of now). Check it out and note the number, here is the details for those numbers:
  • #1 (PET or PETE) As already explained used for soft drinks, not recommended to refill. It's called Pet coz of the polyethylene terepthalate resin in it..
  • #2 (HDPE) - High density poly ethylene used for milk bottles, shampoo etc, #4 (LDPE) Low density polyethylene used for squeezy bottles like mustard, and #5(PP) polypropylene are usually used for medicine bottles, are the ones generally considered to be safe.
  • #3(PVC) very common plastic for pipes, and #6(PS) Polystyrene used usually for food service items such as cups, plates, etc., are generally considered to pose health risks and to be avoided. Though they are not used for water, they are used as food & beverage containers.
  • #7(Others) It means this plastic is made using some other resin other than the 6 listed above. This is usually polycarbonate and has the risk of BPA( Bisphenol A) a harmful xenoestrogen that interferes with human hormonal messaging, which is reported to be the causes for the Breast and uterine cancers.

This BPA can also pose threat to children's developing systems, but the sad news is many of the plastic bottles for children like Sippy cups or baby bottles are of BPA containing plastics.. So try to avoid clear and hard plastic bottles, especially marked #7, or avoid plastic bottles altogether and use Glass bottles. There are glass bottles looking like plastic bottles available nowadays..

So, now I understand you all wondering should we all stop using plastic bottles altogether? The answer is avoid it as far as possible, Use the safer ones like BPA free or #2,4 &5, and avoid using plastic in microwave eventhough they are microwave safe, as there are high chances of BPA leaching in food when cooked in microwave..


Friday, March 19, 2010

A day.. AN auto... THE man!!!!!!

Hi all.. Atlast i got a chance to post (ya.. its my study hols!!!). Had been planning to update the blog for a long time.. Didn't get the time to ( the truth is didn't get any matter, i.e., treasure to share).. But this incident made me to write a post.. And here is the post with the title which struck me suddenly..

That day, My mom and me, planned to go to a reception, as usual i was late from college, and with great trouble, got ready, and was all set go.. But these autos.. Didn't get a single auto for another 15 mins.. I know my mom is gonna make me her target for all her frustration.. As I was the one who made it very late... And atlast we got an auto for Rs.70.

With heart-filled happiness, was on the way to the reception, but my bad luck chased me and won again.. The auto stopped within 15 mins.. Phew.......

The auto driver said, the petrol is fully dried, and it can't move.. and he apologised..

What to do? We offered him the minimum amount, as we had already come about 1.5 kms.. But he refused and said its ok.. What a surprise? Could never imagine such an auto driver in the city.. After the admiration.. We tried getting another auto... Again in vain.. didn't get any for some time..

Then the auto driver, himself tried getting another auto for us.. And he did get the auto, but he claimed Rs.80 for the same place, but from a place 1.5 kms away from my home.. We refused as that's too much, though there is very less chance to get another auto.. The auto driver, also bargained for atleast 70, but the other one was firm for a long time, and after some conversation, the auto driver (the one with whom we came), gave us a sign like he was OK with it and asked us to get in. We got in, and the Auto also started, and it was about to move, then, the auto driver came to us and gave us something and said, before we could recognise what happened the auto started, only then we recognised that he had given us 10 rs and told us to give it to the auto driver which we got in just along with the 70rs, we agreed to pay. We were shocked, a little embarrassed too. And tried to give it to him again (as he was been helped by the new driver to move his auto to the nearby petrol bunk), but he refused to get that again...

We moved on, but our thought about that man, didn't move..

Was having mixed emotions, was surprised to see such a person in this world of money, was embarrassed to have all those bad opinions on all the auto drivers, and also coz in that hurry-burry didn't even thank him, but he seemed to be a person who didn't expect any thing like that..

Maybe according to him, he worshipped his work and had some ethics, as a humble man, but to us it meant a lot.. not that I'm writing a post as he sacrificed 10rs for us, but, doing what he thought is ethical, made me write this.. He could have used that 10rs(plus the minimum charge we offered) to get a pack of cigars, or atleast a chips pack for his child, but he wasn't greedy. And made us feel, WHAT A MAN have we met today?

The treasure I wanna share with you all from the incident are:

  • Never ever judge a person by his/her outfit (many had told this, but...) or by the profession, as the job he does, doesn't matter, but how he does really matters.

  • Never think or take time to thank any one, coz you may feel the pain of not thanking them, later, like me..

  • And the last one (atlast she is gonna end the post.. ) is short and simple, BE WHAT YOU ARE & DO WHAT YOUR MIND SAYS..

Some one may be writing about you, for what you were not thanked (jus like me), But even if they don't, their mind would be thanking and praising you a lot, which is more than anything this world could give you!!!!!


Friday, January 15, 2010


Hi Everyone! Back with a recipe to party.. I guess the name tells all that about the post.. But not the story behind the recipe.. So, here it goes...

On a chill evening I was in a beutiful dream, where i was having "Pizza" with my freinds.. But as ususal, good things don't last forever, my dream cloud of pizza dissapeared, but not the crave for it.. I got up, wanna have a pizza, but i know i can't call a pizza as i had one jus yesterday( now u know the reason for the dream).. But how can i leave my dream off? ( as a follower of A.P.J ? certainly not..) So, searched the fridge thouroughly and found that I had all i need for a Pizza except the base.. Phew.. What a waste of Time & energy?...

Not actually.. As i found a bag of sandwhich bread lying there and asking me to pick her up.. And from then on, she lived as the Pizza base ever after.. Thus ends the story :D..

Now lets see how did i make my dream come true..

Here's what you will need:

  • Sandwhich bread

  • Pizza sauce

  • Mozzarella chesse or the pizza cheese as they call

  • Vegies and all those you need as toppings

  • Butter/ Oil

How to make it:

Take your Bread and remove the crust if you don't want it or just go ahead with it.. Slightly toast your bread with butter or oil, this prevents the bread getting soggy very soon.
Then, saute the vegies or your toppings a little with a little fat.
And now arrangments for the breadizza is almost ready, take the toasted bread and apply the pizza sauce and add a little cheese on it and then the topping with all your creativity..
Then add a layer of cheese and cook it in a microwave oven till the cheese melts.. And there's your Breadizza all ready to be served with sauce, chilli flakes and all that you like..

Note: You could even add a layer of mayo before your sauce.. or mix the veggies with the mayo and then add, it gives a different and a yummy taste..

Yummy Breadizza is all fun to do.. let your imagination fly around to add your colours to it.. Enjoy Eating.. Enjoy Sharing...

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Happy 2010 to all of you.. Said bye-bye to 2009? Ya, I know it was hard to do so, but what to do? 2010 is gonna be a great year than 2009.. So lets start 2010 with a party.. and how abt prawn 65 for 2010? Great idea right? I bet the prawn lovers would have seen lots of
recipes or ways to prepare it.. And here's my version("1001"st?.."1002"nd? :D)
Things you will have to get:
  • Prawns
  • cornflour
  • rice flour
  • chili pwdr
  • turmeric pwdr
  • salt
  • garam masala
  • lime juice
  • Red food colour (optional)
  • oil (for frying)

How do i do?

De vein and clean the prawns.. And marinate the prawns with all the ingredients(except for oil),I haven't given any proportions or measures, as it purely depends on your taste, add cornflour and rice flour in 2:2 ratio if you want it very crispy.. Marinate the prawns for abt half an hour. Then heat the oil and fry the prawns.. dont fry them for a long time as they get rubbery when over cooked.. Serve them hot with ketchup...

What are you waiting for? come lets party...

Don forget to share, as the proverb, the joy that is shared is doubled, i wish the prawns shared, gets doubled too.. greedy i'm ?!!