Friday, April 27, 2012

The Smile - I met!

Hi! Back again after so many days...Now this is become more like a template i start in all my post.. But this time I was pushed to write, you know why?? Yes you guessed it right, my exams are fast approaching, this time with office, no classes, but jus exams, with all my preparations, jus MY preparations.Need no to tell, its my first exam after I joined work, and everything else except studying seems to be interesting now..

Even then, I dont find my work alone interesting, I have never been such a moaner, but this job had made me telling everyone I see, how I hate this job.Whoever asks me, how is your job, will surely regret to have asked this question at the end. I wanna tell this to everyone coz, I had the fear, that someday, sometime, I may like this job, or even get used to it. So at that time, there should be someone to ask, are you still sticking to that boring job of yours? Isn't that a great idea?

But once, a scene which my eyes saw jus for a moment, made me think, what a groaner am I ? I jus couldn't forget that. I was traveling in a bus once, again unhappy for all those good things, was not even happy for a window seat. Suddenly when the bus slowed down due to traffic(of course I was moaning for that traffic too), I saw a public toilet, you all might be thinking why should I see that? but you know the traffic and my luck, it jus stopped nearby, I had no other option to see out of the window. Now what amazed me seeing a public toilet is what you are thinking about right? wait... There was a room very next to the toilet entrance, where lived a family, guess it's the family of the person incharge. The women of the house was doing preparation for cooking,I was amazed to see a family living there, and thought the person would be so sad to even be there, but all I saw here was, her face with a SMILE. That smile was like a tight slap on my face, how blessed am I? compared to them? But how much do I smile?

I see all the thorns in the road of roses, and she had seen jus the roses, in her road of thorns. When people like that came smile in that smell? why should I complain about my blessings? I couldn't answer my own questions, days passed on, the resolution I took on that moment, not to complain again passed on like any other new year resolution(you know how boring my work is???? lol ), but the smile on her face, which stayed in my mind would never go.
Jobs you are in, may not give you happiness, you had to create it,
Jobs you are in, may never give you time, but you had to manage it,
Jobs you are in, may never give you satisfaction, but had to find it,
Jobs you are in, may never give you respect, but you had to gain it,
Is all that, I learned from that little smile.

Hope there is such a smile in everyone's life, jus to bring you back to the reality, jus to find how lucky are you. Just to know, how much grumbling we are?

Have a great time. Happy Sharing! And I'm back to study ( oh!! how boring is this book??? ooppsss.. no more complaining ;) lol )

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