Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Hobby!!!!

Hi all!! Hope you are all doing great!! I jus wanna get out of my normal template of being back and saying sorry(as if there are a lot of readers waiting for my post ;) ;) ). So hope everyone are fine with their blessings.

With blessings always comes the curses, for we see, only the small dot in the big sheet. One of the new dot in my beautiful sheet of life is, my work (refer to my earlier post to know how much I love my work;) ). Now, I complain that I don't have time.. So when people ask me what are you going to do with time.. I think a lot... I thought deeply and found out I had a HOBBY!!

Yes!!! I had a hobby.. Which once gave me relaxation, recognition, realization of dreams and even a revenue. Which is not there with me anymore, I found out!! What a way of showing my respect, for one which gave me so much once??? It was with me when I was busy thinking I 'll get back to it once I get some time.. But what I thought is, where is it gonna go, as its jus mine, let me take some rest. For I was the one who took it's company to relax, now I had thought that it'll give me more work than enjoyment. And that was the grave mistake I have ever done, the minute it came to know that I didn't enjoy it's company anymore, it has gone away from me. It has jus moved away from me, silently, with a hurt, And I was there staying still, without even noticing that it has gone away from me.

It took me this long to even realize that I don't have it with me. To realize that it had moved away from me. To realize that I didn't even care to miss it. How bad I'm?????

Earlier when It was with me, I used to see only the mistakes I have done in my paintings or sketches, but now I'm amazed to see my paintings or sketches. Then I found, that, if i stay any longer then I'll even forget that I had a Hobby once!!!

I tried to resume back with a occasional hellos to my Hobby!! It didn't smile back as before, but it didn't turn its back to me.. So jus trying to convince it a little more and pull it back to me. With great hope that it will smile at me again :)

Wish everyone find your lost hobby and get it back, before it moves very far away from you!!!
All the very best to you all!!!

Happy Sharing!!! Happy Hobby time!!! See you all soon with my hobby back!!!
Till then Stay happy.. Stay healthy :) :) :)


  1. Lovely written Vidya. Getting back to hobby is a great thing!..
    Btw, you are blessed with great creativity.. Kudos!. Keep giving us visual treat! :)
    Count me in for your new adventures. We will explore! :)

  2. Thank you so much akka!!! When I start any new adventure..I'll surely count you in!!