Friday, January 15, 2010


Hi Everyone! Back with a recipe to party.. I guess the name tells all that about the post.. But not the story behind the recipe.. So, here it goes...

On a chill evening I was in a beutiful dream, where i was having "Pizza" with my freinds.. But as ususal, good things don't last forever, my dream cloud of pizza dissapeared, but not the crave for it.. I got up, wanna have a pizza, but i know i can't call a pizza as i had one jus yesterday( now u know the reason for the dream).. But how can i leave my dream off? ( as a follower of A.P.J ? certainly not..) So, searched the fridge thouroughly and found that I had all i need for a Pizza except the base.. Phew.. What a waste of Time & energy?...

Not actually.. As i found a bag of sandwhich bread lying there and asking me to pick her up.. And from then on, she lived as the Pizza base ever after.. Thus ends the story :D..

Now lets see how did i make my dream come true..

Here's what you will need:

  • Sandwhich bread

  • Pizza sauce

  • Mozzarella chesse or the pizza cheese as they call

  • Vegies and all those you need as toppings

  • Butter/ Oil

How to make it:

Take your Bread and remove the crust if you don't want it or just go ahead with it.. Slightly toast your bread with butter or oil, this prevents the bread getting soggy very soon.
Then, saute the vegies or your toppings a little with a little fat.
And now arrangments for the breadizza is almost ready, take the toasted bread and apply the pizza sauce and add a little cheese on it and then the topping with all your creativity..
Then add a layer of cheese and cook it in a microwave oven till the cheese melts.. And there's your Breadizza all ready to be served with sauce, chilli flakes and all that you like..

Note: You could even add a layer of mayo before your sauce.. or mix the veggies with the mayo and then add, it gives a different and a yummy taste..

Yummy Breadizza is all fun to do.. let your imagination fly around to add your colours to it.. Enjoy Eating.. Enjoy Sharing...


  1. hey its look very appealing and i wanna try this making and share it with everyone of my frnds.

  2. Thanks... Waiting for your comments after your experience..

  3. hey do this and bring it to coll once.. ia hev never tasted ur prep!!