Friday, March 19, 2010

A day.. AN auto... THE man!!!!!!

Hi all.. Atlast i got a chance to post (ya.. its my study hols!!!). Had been planning to update the blog for a long time.. Didn't get the time to ( the truth is didn't get any matter, i.e., treasure to share).. But this incident made me to write a post.. And here is the post with the title which struck me suddenly..

That day, My mom and me, planned to go to a reception, as usual i was late from college, and with great trouble, got ready, and was all set go.. But these autos.. Didn't get a single auto for another 15 mins.. I know my mom is gonna make me her target for all her frustration.. As I was the one who made it very late... And atlast we got an auto for Rs.70.

With heart-filled happiness, was on the way to the reception, but my bad luck chased me and won again.. The auto stopped within 15 mins.. Phew.......

The auto driver said, the petrol is fully dried, and it can't move.. and he apologised..

What to do? We offered him the minimum amount, as we had already come about 1.5 kms.. But he refused and said its ok.. What a surprise? Could never imagine such an auto driver in the city.. After the admiration.. We tried getting another auto... Again in vain.. didn't get any for some time..

Then the auto driver, himself tried getting another auto for us.. And he did get the auto, but he claimed Rs.80 for the same place, but from a place 1.5 kms away from my home.. We refused as that's too much, though there is very less chance to get another auto.. The auto driver, also bargained for atleast 70, but the other one was firm for a long time, and after some conversation, the auto driver (the one with whom we came), gave us a sign like he was OK with it and asked us to get in. We got in, and the Auto also started, and it was about to move, then, the auto driver came to us and gave us something and said, before we could recognise what happened the auto started, only then we recognised that he had given us 10 rs and told us to give it to the auto driver which we got in just along with the 70rs, we agreed to pay. We were shocked, a little embarrassed too. And tried to give it to him again (as he was been helped by the new driver to move his auto to the nearby petrol bunk), but he refused to get that again...

We moved on, but our thought about that man, didn't move..

Was having mixed emotions, was surprised to see such a person in this world of money, was embarrassed to have all those bad opinions on all the auto drivers, and also coz in that hurry-burry didn't even thank him, but he seemed to be a person who didn't expect any thing like that..

Maybe according to him, he worshipped his work and had some ethics, as a humble man, but to us it meant a lot.. not that I'm writing a post as he sacrificed 10rs for us, but, doing what he thought is ethical, made me write this.. He could have used that 10rs(plus the minimum charge we offered) to get a pack of cigars, or atleast a chips pack for his child, but he wasn't greedy. And made us feel, WHAT A MAN have we met today?

The treasure I wanna share with you all from the incident are:

  • Never ever judge a person by his/her outfit (many had told this, but...) or by the profession, as the job he does, doesn't matter, but how he does really matters.

  • Never think or take time to thank any one, coz you may feel the pain of not thanking them, later, like me..

  • And the last one (atlast she is gonna end the post.. ) is short and simple, BE WHAT YOU ARE & DO WHAT YOUR MIND SAYS..

Some one may be writing about you, for what you were not thanked (jus like me), But even if they don't, their mind would be thanking and praising you a lot, which is more than anything this world could give you!!!!!



  1. Really a very nice article di..WE can hardly see such kinda person like the auto driver..A REAL TREASURE di..

  2. ivaru romba nallavara irukaaru..
    actually auto drivers r getting cool now a days. i once came across a site of an auto driver who is near taj hotel chennai. he has put up a site for his services targeting foreigners.!!

  3. @ Annu: Thanks a lot for your comment.
    And ya.. we can very hardly see such kinda person.. I'm lucky to see him..

  4. @PP:(Don kill me for calling you so)...
    Hmmm.. ya.. saw that site.. cool one..

  5. great post!!! It is when you see such people that you believe that there is still some goodness left in the world to live for!!

  6. @Hoori: Hmmm..ya.. great man... And thanks for the comment..

  7. It may be a ture story but all the auto drivers are not like that....

  8. @Satish: Ya it is a true story.. not all are like that, and that's why i have written a post on him.. the very next auto man was jus an opposite to him..

  9. Good one...After a long time I am seeing a post which reminds me that blogs are for expressing our thoughts than for flaunting writing skills...That feel is well conveyed...Good job.. Keep writing...


  10. @Vishnu:Thank you so much for your comments.. I'm so glad you liked the article.. And thank you again for reminding me to write more :)